VSPT Wine Group builds on akcnowledgments due to innovation

Thursday November 26th, 2020    

VSPT Wine Group continues to build on acknowledgments for its tireless work in sustainability and innovation, which has been carried out over recent years with a focus on culture development, a robust innovation process as well as project management.

This time, VSPT featured in the annual ranking: Most Innovative Companies Chile, organized by the ESE Business School from Universidad de los Andes, in partnership with MIC Innovation and the El Mercurio newspaper. The ranking aims to give awards to the most innovative companies, which have the capacity for developing new and innovative products and services.

The yearly ranking, which features over 200 companies from diverse sectors, delivered an excellent result for VSPT. It received First Place in the wine industry, as well as 11th place nationwide.

Participating companies are subjected to an evaluation of their innovation policies, processes and procedures, as well as the impact of these factors on the company’s performance. Seven key points are measured and compared: Strategy, culture, leadership, organization, innovation process, use of strategic assets, and impact on value generation.

Along with this important award, VSPT was also acknowledged in tenth place in the Creativity and Innovation Ranking C³ from Brinca and the Universidad de Desarrollo.

This ranking recognizes and gives awards for companies which have developed capacities for and which have achieved results in innovation since 2013, with 62 companies participating from various sectors. For the third year in a row, VSPT has placed within the TOP 10 leading companies which are driving an innovation culture inside their company.

These two acknowledgments position VSPT as a company which understands innovation both as a strategic pillar and as essential for initiatives which spawn new processes, products and services, thereby ensuring the development of business sustainability with an eye to the future.