VSPT Wine Group unveils its new sustainability model and updates its 2030 goals

Wednesday October 11th, 2023    

Putting people at the centre of its operations, VSPT Wine Group is unveiling its new sustainability model, which outlines its 2030 ambitions: To be at the forefront on sustainability matters with an integrated view from the vineyard to the glass; To promote the sustainable progress of people and communities with transparency and processes of excellence and collaboration; and to take a science-based approach to climate change to propel its wineries into the future.

VSPT will review this new strategy every two years in order to update and refresh its objectives and the progress made. It has divided the strategy into the following two key areas: Climate change and sustainable progress. The climate change area encompasses five major agendas designed to counter the advance and consequences of greenhouse gas emissions: waste management, ecodesign, renewable energy, water management, biodiversity conservation and sustainable viticulture. Meanwhile, the following agendas come under the sustainable progress area: brands with a purpose, conscious consumption, communities, innovation and responsible supply.

The new model will be implemented within the legal and regulatory framework and in accordance with the company’s organizational governance policy and include elements like inter-organization collaboration, certifications, reportability and transparency, among other things.

The new model aligns with 12 of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) established by the UN. It sets the following targets to be achieved by 2030: 100% waste management (industrial and agricultural), 100% RE in wineries and vineyards, Innovation and 100% ecodesign, CO2 footprint reduction (to be Net Zero by 2050), climate smart or resilient viticulture and 100% water awareness.

Sustainability has been a strategic objective and value for VSPT since 2016 and it lies at the heart of the business and its strategic decision-making. With the update of its model and targets, the company is confident that it will continue building and moving towards a sustainable industry.