VSPT Wine Group launches new video strengthening its commitment to sustainability

Monday July 29th, 2019    

With an aim to reaffirm its commitment to producing wines with 100% Renewable Energy by 2021, the wine group has released a new digital piece which demonstrates the huge advances made in this area. 

VSPT Wine Group has been recognized as leader in Renewable Energy Implementation on two occasions -2016 and 2018- by The Drinks Business. Once again, it has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by launching a new video showing progress made in this area.

The new digital piece is a journey through the diverse initiatives which the group has been implementing over recent years. It begins with construction of the world’s first Biogas Plant to use waste from harvest to generate thermal and electric energy, harnessing 1MW of power for its wine production operations. Furthermore, the group implemented a mini run-of-the-river Hydroelectric Plant which supplies 250 KW power for the Viña Tarapacá winery.

In 2018, a new journey began with the implementation of Photovoltaic Panels in nine of the group’s estates, equivalent to installing 2.7MW power which is to be used mainly for technical irrigation. On top of this project, an additional solar park is being built in Molina to generate 1.3MW of clean energy for the winery.

Thanks to these three different sources of energy: photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biogas -which can provide clean energy to the country when it is not consumed by the winery- and thanks to a human team committed to sustainable management, the group hopes to reach 63% of this ambitious but worthwhile commitment to producing wines made using 100% Renewable Energy by 2021.

VSPT Wine Group continues to develop initiatives which allow it to grow sustainably, in true harmony with its land and people!

To see the new video, click here.