Casa Valle Viñamar achieves first place in Best of Wine Tourism awards

Wednesday October 30th, 2019    

The prize ceremony for the Best of Wine Tourism Awards 2019 was held at Casa Valle Viñamar, with attendance from the Casablanca Valley Wine Industry Association and the Casablanca and Valparaíso municipalities. The event is organized by Great Wine Capitals, whose aim is to promote tourism, culture and commercial exchange between cities.

On this occasion, Casa Valle Viñamar achieved first place in the “Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices”, an important acknowledgement regarding the continual implementation of good practices, which reduce environmental impact and therefore add value to the environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability of the region. Moreover, it received second place in the “Innovative Wine Tourism” category, as well as third place in “Art and Culture”.

The Casablanca Valley Wine Industry Association emphasized how “Casa Valle Viñamar has brought an up-to-date model with regards to community relationships, the integration of local culture and gastronomy using the region’s agricultural produce and cuisine. This contributes to enhancing the valley in line with global sustainability initiatives which are being developed in the wine industry”.

Meanwhile, Bárbara Wolff, Chief of Corporate Affairs and Innovation at VSPT Wine Group, added “We are proud to know our efforts with the association and the Casablanca community are bearing their first fruit. Placing first in the Sustainable Tourism category has undoubtedly filled us with joy and drives us to continue developing good practices, which generate a positive impact for our environment and our people.”

The President of the Casablanca Valley Wine Industry Association, Maria Agliati, was also present at the ceremony, as well as Rodrigo Martínez, the mayor of Casablanca; Jorge Sharp, the mayor of Valparaíso; Vicente Alti, Director of ProChile; Rafael Torres, Director of the Palacio Baburizza Museum; Alfonso Jiménez, General Manager of the Casablanca Corporation; among other relevant parties from the industry and region.

This acknowledgement comes as part of the work VSPT Wine Group has been carrying out through its sustainability policies which are rooted in 360°commitment, involving the entire organization with a view to sustainable management across 100% of its value chain. This commitment from the company encompasses areas such as the generation and use of clean energies, the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption through its program, advertising waste management in Chile and the development of eco-packaging for all of its products.