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Cachapoal Valley

Viña San Pedro


You will be welcomed by our team, who will then unveil the secrets of our estate. A trial pit is included, whereby you can learn about the soil and its influence on the vine. Afterwards, you will explore the barrel room and then you will have the privilege of tasting three vintages of Altaïr –one of Chile’s most prestigious icon wines– paired with an exquisite cheese board.

Minimum 2 people - maximum 30 people
Open Monday to Saturday
Cerrado Holidays In Chile
Spanish / English
Duration 1hr 30 min
For Reservations on Saturday please contact or +56 9 75186554


  • - Wine Tasting
  • - Tour to the vineyards
  • - Cellar tour

The place, Cachapoal Valley

Hidden in the Andes Mountains and near the town of Requinoa it is located the wine cellar that is home to Viña San Pedro Cachapoal Andes. Here you can live customized experiences, ask for wine tastings with panoramic views to the vineyards, take tours to the modern wine cellar and countryside, and finally enjoy exquisite Creole barbecues in the vineyard’s quincho.

$ 50.000 CLP per person

$ 77 USD per person
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