VSPT Wine Group takes on ambitious Ecodesign policy challenge with a view to 2030

Monday August 17th, 2020    

With an eye to continue advancing its Sustainability program (360°Commitment) and understanding the urgency and importance of actively reducing packaging and bottles in wine production, the wine group has taken a huge step: For the first time, the group will incorporate Ecodesign Policy into its management.

VSPT Wine Group was chosen as Green Company of the Year in the 2016 Green Awards from The Drinks Business, as well as Ethical Company of the Year in the same competition in 2018. Once again, it has taken up commitments to new goals, time frames and objectives with a new Ecodesign Policy, which aims to reduce the environmental impact generated by bottles and packaging by 2030.

To address this goal, the group aims to look closely at circular economy, whereby materials follow a course which ensures later reuse, recycling or compost. It will therefore tackle a core issue in product life cycles, promoting business circularity and taking responsibility for a global problem: excessive waste generation.

Specifically, VSPT Wine Group has laid out huge ambitions in terms of Ecodesign with a view to 2030: Reducing the quantity and weight of bottles as well as primary and secondary packaging, the use of manageable materials whereby 100% are separable, reusable, recyclable and/or compostable. Furthermore, 60% of the portfolio should originate from recycled materials and 0% PVC use is to be promoted. In addition, we will promote consumer awareness and incorporate recycling instructions and availability into all our labels and ecodesign communication at internal and external points of contact.

The new challenge aims to build on the robust sustainability management already implemented by the group. This management strives for a conscious business model, with concrete and long-term solutions to current environmental issues, positioning VSPT Wine Group as a role model for the viticultural industry.