VSPT Wine Group obtains Wines of Chile Sustainability Seal for its tourist facilities

Monday August 1st, 2022    

The R&D Technological Consortium from Wines of Chile has certified VSPT Wine Group’s three ecotourism operations for their sustainable management. Casa Valle Viñamar, San Pedro Cachapoal Andes and Viña Tarapacá have all received this important certification.

This certifies that our tourism activities are performed under high standards of social and environmental compliance. This includes the use of renewable energies, respect and care for biodiversity and the environment, as well as promoting and being a showcase for producers in the areas where they operate.

The National Sustainability Code from Wines of Chile (Vinos de Chile), covers the winery’s entire operation, with separate certification for each corresponding area. In 2021, the purple area (wine tourism) was added, alongside vineyard management (green), viticultural management (red), and all social aspects (orange).

To be certified, overall performance must be above 60% in the 70 points addressed by the standard, and 100% of the critical points must be met in each area. The dimensions evaluated by the code are the those of management, environment, quality and service, social aspects, economic sustainability, as well as implementation and monitoring of the standard.

The Sustainability Code arose as a response to the Chilean industry’s cross-cutting commitment towards responsible production, together with the need to use natural resources sustainably and efficiently.

Through this and other initiatives, VSPT Wine Group continues to strengthen its commitment to sustainability, incorporating the wine tourism area into global commitments such as International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA). The company has a clear roadmap towards carbon neutrality by 2050, and on this path, has demonstrated how sustainability is a pillar and corporate value.