VSPT Wine Group is selected as the Most Innovative Company 2019 in the wine industry

Thursday October 3rd, 2019    

The renowned “Most Innovative Companies Chile (MIC)” innovation ranking released the results for the most innovative companies in the country, with the group winning this important prize for the wine industry.

With over ten years’ experience in Chile, the important innovation ranking is compiled by the ESE Business school of the Universidad de los Andes with collaboration from the MIC Innovation consultancy. It strives to acknowledge the most innovative companies which adopt new processes, products, services and innovative initiatives regarding their environment.

Its methodology is based on measuring and comparing the capacity for innovation development, as well as the efficiencies of participating companies in seven different aspects: Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Organization, Innovation Process, Use of Strategic Assets and Value Creation Impact.

In the most recent 2019 version, VSPT Wine Group was selected as the most innovative company in Chile in the wine industry, thanks to significant work carried out in this area over recent years, with a focus on culture development, a robust innovation process as well as project management.

“To be acknowledged as the most innovative company in Chile in the wine sector is a huge source of pride, and this achievement is a success for the entire organization. Today, innovation is regarded as a strategic pillar at VSPT and we are thrilled to have a committed team capable of proposing and leading initiatives which give rise to new processes, products and services, which will enable us to pave the way for the sustainability of  future business”, said Pedro Herane, CEO of VSPT Wine Group.