VSPT singled out at The Drinks Business’ Wine Design & Packaging Masters 2023

Tuesday April 4th, 2023    

The Global Marketing Design Team at VSPT Wine Group continues to receive recognition in the trade press thanks to their excellent creative work. The Biodiversity Edition label of Tarapacá Reserva Red Blend 2021 and 9 Lives Daring Rosé 2022 received a Silver and Bronze Medal, respectively, at the Wine Design & Packaging Masters 2023 from The Drinks Business.

The Wine Design & Packaging Masters 2023 was an unprecedented event, forming part of the Global Wine Masters series from The Drinks Business. It took place for the first time this year, recognizing the work and designs of wine labels presented during the competition. During the evaluation process, the quality of the finish, the sustainability of the materials, and the originality were all taken into consideration.

The label for Tarapacá Reserva Red Blend 2021, together with the rest of the Biodiversity Edition of the brand, are printed on 100% recycled paper. It illustrates some of the native species that Viña Tarapacá protects (as part of its brand purpose), such as the culpeo fox, the Castnia eudesmia moth, and the Plectocephalus chilensis flower, also known as the flor de minero, that are represented in bold colours that also reflect the richness of the environment that surrounds the vineyards.

The 9 Lives Daring Rosé 2022 is part of a conceptual brand that looks to connect with consumers  emotionally. In the case of this Rosé, it challenges consumers to try wines with excellent flavour and a visually attractive proposal.

These recognitions are proof of the excellent work done by the Global Marketing Design team of VSPT, and they are a fundamental part of the brand creation for the company’s entire portfolio.