VSPT Argentina earns Fairtrade seal for all of its products

Friday February 25th, 2022    

The subsidiary has been acknowledged for its ethical, sustainable growth and development, through the Fairtrade Seal which certifies working conditions and fair treatment for farmers and workers in developing countries.

Following a comprehensive audit by the German company, Flocert, VSPT Argentina now has the Fairtrade certification for its wine grapes, and can commercialize these products under Fairtrade conditions. This seal is widely recognized and highly sought after by companies across the world.

This reflects VSPT’s commitment to the social and economic context where it operates, striving to contribute to the communities which make up the Argentinian valleys where its wines are born.

VSPT continues to position itself as such: an exponent of conscious, respectful viticulture which has a positive impact on the development of this Andean country.