A new milestone in Sustainability: VSPT powers production using 100% renewable electric energy

Thursday May 5th, 2022    

VSPT continues to make progress in its crusade for an increasingly sustainable operation, this time in the field of renewable energy – a crucial element in achieving carbon neutrality. Since 2021, all productive facilities associated with the group’s wineries in Chile have been powered using 100% renewable electric energy.

In addition, the viticultural group continues to push the boundaries with new and ambitious energy objectives. Its new agenda includes the challenge of thermal energy, which is also a key energy form within the productive process. The goal is to increase the use of renewable thermal energy by 40%, partly through self-generation.

“I think it is important to acknowledge VSPT’s achievement of reaching 100%, through a combination of its own projects and those of third parties. Today, we are capable of self-generating 35% of our electricity requirements, which, considering our scale, is a very significant figure. Having a clean energy matrix is essential for reaching our carbon neutrality commitments, but it is not easy,” said Bárbara Wolff, Chief of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

Today, VSPT is proud to have reached one of its climate change goals, a milestone that the company has been pursuing since 2018.