GatoNegro is a brand that stands out for its incredible flavor and for being perfect for everyday use, ideal to share and enjoy on all occasions with friends and family. It is a consistent wine over time, with an excellent value for money with a proven and innovative flavor. In addition to its traditional line, it also has a low alcohol line: Low 5.5% and Alcohol Free 0.5%.

Viña San Pedro

Founded in 1865, Viña San Pedro is today one of the largest and oldest exporters of Chilean wine and one of the most important wineries in the country.
The main vineyard, the winery and the centenary underground pit of San Pedro are located in Molina, in the Curicó Valley, 200 km south of Santiago. Here, it has one of the most extensive vineyards in Latin America, with 1,200 hectares.
Its portfolio includes the brands Altaïr, Sideral, Cabo de Hornos, Kankana del Elqui, Tierras Moradas, 1865, Castillo de Molina, GatoNegro 9 Lives, which enjoy a vibrant success in the most competitive markets.