Committed to Social Responsibility: VSPT earns ‘For Life’ certification

Wednesday May 6th, 2020    

VSPT Wine Group, along with its 7 wineries in Chile, has received the  unprecedented “For Life” certification. This ensures that the social and environmental responsabilities required by the standard are respected across each of its wineries and vineyards, in this way promoting an increasingly sustainable operation.

‘For Life’ is an internationally-renowned certification which supports the foundations for a sustainable and socially-responsible company, ensuring large companies’ full compliance of the needs and demands of society, as well as its concern for the environment.

Following a comprehensive audit and subsequent review carried out in November, the certifying house: Ecocert determined that the wineries, estates and grape suppliers in Chile adhere to its stringent standards.

The certification, which is an annual and evolving assessment, strengthens the company’s commitment to continual improvement, consistency and quality in the long term.

#Sustainable Winegrowing