Casa Valle Viñamar is acknowledged as leader in Sustainable Tourism

Thursday November 28th, 2019    

The winery was recently awarded first place in the “Sustainable Tourism Practices” category of the global competition: International Best of Wine Tourism 2019.

Casa Valle Viñamar, located in the heart of the Casablanca Valley, is the new enotourism proposal from VSPT Wine Group. The house of prestigious sparkling wines in Chile has incorporated a range of renowned labels from the group in order to offer eno-gastronomic experiences with a strong local essence and which relate to wine.

Within the framework of the 20-year anniversary celebration for the global network: Great Wine Capitals, the organization’s Annual International Conference was held. It took place from the 3rd to the 7th November in Bordeaux -the French city renowned as one of the world’s most important viticultural regions- and on this occasion, Casa Valle Viñamar was awarded first place in the Sustainable Tourism Practices category of this important international competition.

Over the five days, hundreds of professionals from the wine and tourism industries enjoyed a host of  activities, conferences and tastings, which allowed them to discover the finest wines and wineries from both the Old and New Worlds.

To conclude the new event, a Closing Gala took place during which the winners were announced, with the president of the Casablanca Valley Wine Industry Association, Mario Agliati, receiving the award on behalf of Casa Valle Viñamar. The acknowledgment once again strengthens the high standards of tourism in the Casablanca Valley.

It should be noted that at the beginning of October, Casa Valle Viñamar was awarded first place at a local level in the “Sustainable Tourism Practices” category, which gives important recognition for continual work in sustainability, through the implementation of noteworthy practices to reduce  environmental impact and promote socio-cultural and economic enhancement of the region. Furthermore, it received second place in the “Innovation in Tourism” category and third place in “Art and Culture

This was an excellent acknowledgment for Chilean tourism, and especially for this new wine and gastro-tourism project. Since it opened its doors this year, it has prioritized the development of sustainable practices, continually promoted renewable energy and concern for the environment, as well as promoting true connection and support for the community and producers in the Casablanca Valley.