VSPT Wine Group becomes leader in sustainability achieving the Green Company of the Year title in the 2016 Green Awards

Tuesday November 15th, 2016    


The results were announced from London for what are considered the “Oscars of Sustainability”, consolidating the group’s leadership and its firm commitment with regards to social and environmental spheres.

With over 150 years’ of history, VSPT Wine Group is one of the leading wine export groups in Chile and the New World. This was confirmed by the results of the 2016 Green Awards, which were announced yesterday afternoon. The annual prize ceremony organized by the British magazine the Drinks Business aims to acknowledge and give prizes for advances in sustainability within the global alcohol industry.

On this occasion, the undisputed winner was VSPT Wine Group, which received the maximum accolade the “Green Company of the Year” title, as well as also being recognized as leader in the Implementation of Renewable Energies.

Pedro Herane, CEO of VSPT Wine Group, stated that “This is a remarkable milestone that reflects years of work and commitment from all our people in Chile and Argentina. We are truly proud and inspired that this acknowledgement has come to Chile. The award strengthens the Chilean category, making us excellent exponents from the New World.

The prize acknowledges the enormous efforts that have been made in Chilean viticulture with regards to sustainability. Sustainability is enshrined as one of the group’s six strategic objectives, and as one of its corporate values. In 2016, the group inaugurated two important renewable energy projects: in March it inaugurated the world’s First Biogas Plant to use waste from harvest as the only fuel, and months later, the first Mini Hydroelectric plant in a Chilean winery.

The Biogas Plant and the Mini Hydroelectric plant are two great innovations encouraging clean energy consumption for VSPT Wine Group operations. They supply 60% of the energy required by Viña San Pedro and Viña Tarapacá, which results in important reductions in its corporate carbon footprint.

Also, at the beginning of 2016, the completion of a goal that had been proposed five years before was announced: to reach 360 sustainable initiatives by 2015. These were verified by Deloitte, drawing attention to important work in Biodiversity, Supplier Development Programs, Water Management and Responsible Consumption Programs, amongst others.

“This is the result of a joint effort from all areas of VSPT. The acknowledgement would not be possible without commitment from each person that comprises the group. Today, we all feel like ambassadors for sustainability and understand that we are key components in accomplishing our objectives. We are more motivated than ever to continue making progress along this long path”, lauded Andrea Zwanzger, Head of Sustainable Development at VSPT Wine Group.

VSPT Wine Group is comprised of 9 wineries, seven in Chile: San Pedro, Tarapacá, Leyda, Santa Helena, Misiones de Rengo, Viñamar, and Casa Rivas; and two in Argentina: La Celia and Tamarí. VSPT is the leading group in fine wine sales in Chile and the country’s second biggest exporter. In the past ten years, it has made important steps –not only to prove its winemaking and commercial strengths– but also to grow in harmony with the environment, through its firm commitment to sustainability.