VSPT Wine Group presents new video highlighting achievements in sustainability

Thursday July 6th, 2017    


Over the last 10 years VSPT Wine Group has not only proved its winemaking and commercial success, but it has also been growing in harmony with the environment as a result of its solid commitment to sustainability.

For this reason, the current Green Company of the Year has launched a video explaining its 360° Sustainability Program in detail. The clip highlights the main projects and initiatives that the wine group has been working on, as well as the achievements accomplished in recent years.

The modern video, available in English and Spanish, is created with a Scribing style, with hands which appear and sketch the group’s sustainability journey in a close and friendly way.

Amongst the projects described are the Biogas Plant and the Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant –two incredible innovations that promote clean energy consumption for VSPT Wine Group operations. These have the potential to supply 60% of the energy required by Viña San Pedro and Viña Tarapacá.

In addition, it features some of the 360 sustainable initiatives implemented by 2015. These were verified by Deloitte and demonstrate important work done regarding Biodiversity, Supplier Development Programs, Water Management, Responsible Consumption Programs, amongst others.