VSPT Wine Group implements new technology at sales points: “Ruta del Vino”

Thursday June 6th, 2019    

The wine group’s new project has already started to take shape in the country’s main supermarket chains. Through an innovative pilot project with two digital screens, consumers are able to easily and dynamically find the wine which best suits them, according to their tastes and the consumption occasion.

With an aim to provide consumers with a better buying experience, and to assist their decision about which wine to buy, the group is currently implementing a pilot project in two of the country’s most important hallways – Jumbo La Reina and Jumbo Costanera Center.

The “Ruta del Vino” (Wine Route) application –the first of its type in the Chilean wine industry– will work using digital touch screens which have been incorporated into VSPT Wine Group headers, better known as “La Cava del Enólogo” (The Winemaker’s Cellar).

These will help wine enthusiasts in their purchase decisions, choosing wines according to the consumption occasion, price range and grape variety.

How does it work?

“In our headers, consumers will find the “Ruta del Vino” application, where they will be asked to respond to different questions about their tastes and the consumption occasion. Finally, the application will provide a wine recommendation which matches their preferences. This recommendation will also include technical information about the wine and its relative location on shelves”, says Arianne Paredes, Trade Marketing Chief for Supermarket Channels.

It should be noted that, as well as information about the grape variety and pairing recommendations, the location of the wine will be provided including instructions on how to get there, such as the aisle number and supermarket section.

This excellent initiative developed by the Trade Marketing Team for the Domestic Market at VSPT Wine Group. The wine group is regarded as the second-largest exporter of Chilean wine with a broad portfolio of exceptional-quality wines, and it continues to make concrete progress with regards to innovation.