VSPT Wine Group develops reusable units for Sales Points

Friday August 30th, 2019    

The new project developed by the wine group’s Trade Marketing team represents yet another example of VSPT Wine Group’s initiatives for circular economy, and is being implemented in various supermarket chains across Chile.

With an aim to protect the environment and decrease the impact of business a little every day, the Trade Marketing team for the Domestic Market has implemented a sustainable project which enhances the circular economy which VSPT Wine Group strives to promote.

The project arises from corporate guidelines to produce campaign and product exhibit units using its management of industrial waste. For this reason, VSPT Wine Group has followed the same steps and decided to craft units using 100% recycled material, which will also be 100% recyclable upon finishing their usage cycle.

“We came together as a team and decided to switch materials for the shelves making up each unit, so that they would support each of our bottles adequately. Furthermore, the new product has enabled us to change the idea that units are disposable. Therefore, we made sure the images could be changed and used for any other campaign” says Arianne Paredes, Trade Marketing Manager for Domestic Supermarket Chains.

This excellent initiative reaffirms the company’s concrete progress in terms of Sustainability and Innovation.