GatoNegro once again takes part in the “Couleur Café” music festival in Brussels

Friday July 26th, 2019    

The renowned brand, which is characterized by offering consumers a complete portfolio of delicious and aromatic wines, took part in the 30th version of “Couleur Café”.

The entertaining event was held on June 28th, 29th and 30th in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and on this occasion, over 70,000 attendees turned up to enjoy exclusive Hip Hop, Soul and Rock groups –among other musical genres, along  with the best companion: GatoNegro.

As is tradition, GatoNegro took part with an attractive stand whose role was a meeting point for thousands of festival attendees, who were also able to taste the portfolio’s range of varieties.

It should be noted that a while ago the brand launched its latest innovation: the decorated bottle GatoNegro Rosé 2018 in various European markets –including Belgium. Its aim is to accompany wine enthusiasts throughout the summer season with a fruity, refreshing product which fully reflects its “Pure Flavor” style.

Once again, GatoNegro has reached European spots with all of the flavor, freshness and innovation in these wines which are perfect to enjoy on any occasion.