GatoNegro Breeze arrives in Colombia with exciting events

Tuesday October 29th, 2019    

The renowned wine brand which stands out for its incredible flavor, GatoNegro, has brought one of its latest innovations, GatoNegro Breeze, to the Colombian market, in two varieties: Fresh Berries and Tropical.

The frizzante wine has arrived to shake up the light-wines and low alcohol category. With only 5.5% alcohol and with incredible freshness and flavor, the wine strives to become the perfect complement to enjoy on any consumption occasion.

In order to celebrate the arrival of this new innovation, GatoNegro held a series of exciting events with its importer, Dislicores, in the cities Medellín, Bogotá and Barranquilla, which were attended by both influencers and press.

Three events took place in Café Azul Selva, La Lupita and La Paloma restaurants in August, September and October, with attendees enjoying an entertaining brunch. During the events the brand demonstrated different recipes and preparations to consume this new portfolio wine, from popsicles to delicious cocktails in It’s all about Flavor style.

With this innovative and distinct product on shelves, GatoNegro aims to delight consumers which prefer the frizzante wine category, through a new low alcohol range which is perfect served cold.

GatoNegro Breeze: Fresh Berries and Tropical are now available in Dislicores stores as well as some supermarkets in the country, at a price of $27.000 COP.